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7 Must- Haves For Feeding Solids | Things to make baby feeding time a breeze!

Updated: May 10, 2020

Starting solid foods for your child can be an exciting and scary experience. As a new mom myself, I've researched day and night for the right food in the right quantity and at the right temperature.

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Whipping up baby food is less daunting if you’ve the following products at hand.

1) Pressure Cooker

A small 1.5 litre or 2-litre stainless steel cooker is ideal. Use stainless steel not aluminium as the latter can leech in your little one's food. Use pressure cooker for making kichadi, cooking veggies (most cookers come with a steamer plate) or even sterilising spoons and other small items.

I bought this one.

2) Food Processor

A good processor/Blender/Mixie helps in preparing baby food in a jiffy. You can blend baby food, blend veggies and fruits, make instant powders like rice, ragi. We bought a new one as Indian cooking involves grinding a lot of masalas. We use this one.

3) Cutleries

You can use BPA free, food grade silicone bowls, plates, tumblers and spoons or traditional silver bowls and spoons. I use silver bowl and tumbler and as for spoon I go with silicone, BPA free, food-grade soft tip that are easy on gums. I refrain from giving sippy cups and have been training my kid to drink from open cup.

Though the food processor does the deed of blending and pureeing. Sometimes I want him to taste different textures so I use a masher to mash some of the food than pureeing it all.

5) Steriliser

Your baby's immune system is still developing and you don't want to take a chance. Sterilise all items that you use to prepare baby food before every use. You can buy sterilisers available in the market or boil the utensils in a large pot of water.

6) Cutting Board

An important item in prepping baby food. Don’t use plastic boards as they easily wear out. Use a good quality glass cutting board which is naturally non-porous, easy to clean though there is a risk of dropping it. If you are someone with butterfingers try superior quality wooden board as they are naturally anti-bacterial and neutralises bacteria left on the wood within 24 hours but the downside of it is they are high maintenance.

It is very important that you feed your baby in an upright seated position. It helps your baby support her back and it is easy for you to feed and clean.

DISCLOSURE: I get a small fee for purchases made through links in this post which helps me in creating new productive posts and keeps our family of three happy.

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