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What is CTM? How to do it? Benefits of CTM + The products I use for CTM!

CTM stands for Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising. Its the ultimate skincare routine. If followed regularly the prize at the end is glowing, fresh, youthful skin.

I've been following this little routine for about a year now and I can vouch that it really did make a difference.

How to do it?

CTM. You need to do the routine in the order - Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising.


The first and foremost step, clean religiously. Soap is not advisable as it dries out our skin, use a good face wash on daily basis and all those makeup lovers need to use an additional product like cleansing milk or oil(any vegetable oil or baby oil) to ensure that all product on your face comes right off without clogging the pores.

TIP: Massage your face with oil and leave it for about 2 mins to help oil loosen off the residue of all the products. Wipe off oil and use a cleanser to clean your face.


There are lots of toners in the market these days, toner add hydration to your skin and make it supple, so avoid toners that has alcohol in it which dries your skin out. Get a hydrating toner and spray it on your face or take some on your hands and pat your face gently.

TIP: For natural toner use either green tea or rose water as a toner.


The last step of a skincare routine is moisturising, no skincare routine is complete without this step. Moisturising your face means using a product that will prevent moisture loss from your skin by forming a layer on your dermis. Always apply moisturizer on damp skin to keep the moisture in. You need a moisturiser based on your skin type, if your skin type is dry then you'll need a heavy moisturiser and if it is oily or combination a light one will do.

Benefits of CTM

1) Removes pollutants and other product build-ups off your face.

2) Conditions your skin and tightens open skin pores.

3) Helps maintain proper skin pH.

4) Replenishes skin's moisture.

5) Delays signs of ageing.

The products that I use

I use products from Biotique and Good Vibes in my CTM routine. Bio berry by Biotique to cleanse my skin, pomegranate toner from Good Vibes and in the morning I moisturise with Good Vibes Coconut whitening face cream and at night moisturise with Good Vibes Wheatgerm nourishing night cream.

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