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How to make Spicy Vegan Eggless Hash Browns?

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Hash brown is an American appetizer. These hash browns are easy to make and super crispy and delicious.


Potatoes - 2 medium-sized

Oats flour - 2 Tbsp

Rice flour- 2 Tbsp

Mozzarella cheese - 4 Tbsp (shredded)

Shallots - 2 (Finely chopped)

Garlic - 3 cloves (Minced)

Coriander leaves - T Tbsp

Kashmiri Chilli powder - 1/2 Tsp

Salt and Pepper - To Taste

Oil - For shallow frying


1. Wash potatoes and shred using a vegetable grater. Rinse shredded potatoes in ice-cold water to remove excess starch and squeeze the excess water out by wringing the mix onto a paper towel or muslin cloth to make the potatoes dry.

2. Place the squeezed potatoes in a bowl and in flours, cheese, shallots, garlic, coriander leaves, chilli powder, salt and pepper and mix until combined.

3. In a frying pan, add oil over medium heat. When the oil is hot, place the potato in a 1/2 inch thick layer and shape them as rectangle or whatever shape you want. (I tried to make em circular) Cook each side for about 2-3 mins until golden brown.

4. Take them off the pan and place in paper towels. Serve with ketchup or any sauce as per your liking.

Enjoy hot crispy delicious hash browns as breakfast or as a snack.

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