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The Importance of Routine for Your Child.

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

All families are different when it comes to routine. Some adults feel routines should be in place for a sense of normalcy, while some feel routine as a dull event. But children are different. A routine is important to a toddler, pre-schooler and even an infant as they know what to expect and there are no surprises. Children fear the unknown - A new food introduced, a big life change like the birth of a sibling, moving to a new location.

Change is often a stressful event for a child. A normal routine brings comfort and consistency in his/her life. Establishing a routine in the early stage of life can be crucial, create a routine that fits your child, you and your family the best.

There are some benefits that we gain out of following a routine, they are:

1) Establishes expectations

2) Creates a calmer home environment (than a war zone, imagine a family getting their kids ready for school in the morning where the family doesn't follow a routine)

3) Your child will be confident and independent - rather than always being told what to do next, when children feel confident and independent they are less likely to rebel as teenagers.


There is no hard and fast rule. Each family is different so are their routines. Create a routine that fits you and your family's need. Depending on your child's age you can help them create a routine.

I have created a morning and nighttime routine for toddlers. I use this for my son, we are in the early stage he is 23 months old, he is still learning the concept. Please check out the routine chart in my website shop and in my Etsy store.

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